Jumping Forward

I quit my job today.

I walked into the office of my principal, the woman who, seven years ago, saw something special in me. She gave me the opportunity to create something, to leave my mark. She supported me. And today, I told her that I’ll be leaving.

I’ve been working at my school for eight years. Eight years! I’ve never been anywhere that long before in my whole life. I looked around the room today at a staff meeting, feeling nostalgic, even about those I don’t really like. And some whom I really, really do.

When I started at my school, I was 26. I had almost no experience under my belt. I was single. I had just gotten a new apartment and a new dog. And now, here I am. I’m married, still with the same dog (and two cats), in a house. I have my license and I’m a qualified supervisor. I taught a class. I designed a program. I spoke at a graduation. I supervised interns; I won Field Instructor of the Year.

There have been many joys and much heartbreak during my time at this job. Resigning today was incredibly hard, scary, and sad. It was also incredibly relieving, exciting, and brave. I’m proud of myself for taking a leap of faith, for leaving even though I don’t know exactly what will come next. It took a huge move out of my normally cautious comfort zone to make this decision. But I believed in myself enough to do it. And I’ll be taking that belief with me as I make the next step forward.

The countdown to summer vacation has never been so bittersweet. It will be hard to say goodbye, but I know it’s the right decision. Now, I get to figure out what I want to do when I grow up!


2 responses to “Jumping Forward

  1. Wow! What are you going to do instead?

    • I’m not exactly sure. I’ll probably do some type of social work “freelance”–some private practice clients, some contract work, possibly some teaching, etc.

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